March 28, 2010

Weekend Loot - 03.27.10

Showing hauls for some is thought of as bragging but hey, I love these kind of posts. It's a bit therapeutic and inspiring to see where your hard-earned money was spent..err on beauty stuff :). That's why I also love seeing your stuff. Here's mine this week:

Paper bag is from Jellybean, Watsons stuff, Hello Kitty watch for my sis, Hardware Mag (HWM) for Hubby and a book for me.

A trip to the mall won't be complete without buying some stuff in wherelse? Watsons :) (Our boys don't really get it, ayt?)

My visit wasn't really intended to buy my monthly stock of beauty stuff but I am going to an event this coming week so I need to prep my skin.

~ Garnier Light Perfect Fit & Relax Whitening Mask PhP 89
The whitening mask claims to make you look like you've used their whitening care for 14 days in just 10 minutes of wrapping. Let's test that.

~ Garnier Light Face Powder in Ivory PhP 199
This is their lightest shade and I find this product effective to me. Well, I'm a long-time Garnier user and I swear by breakouts.  Other shades available. Neutral and Beige.

~ Nichido Powder Blush in Sunkissed PhP 88
My first time to buy a Nichido blush. I'm actually eyeing for their South Beach blush.

I adore Sophie Kinsella. I have the complete set of her Shopaholic series. This is her latest, Twenties Girl Php 275, about a working girl named Lara who was mysteriously visited by her great-aunt Sadie's spirit and asked her for one request -- She must find Sadie's missing necklace because she cannot rest without it. Her mission together with her aunt make a hilarious sparring duo. :)

I started reading the book and as usual, Kinsella's wit is still there. It will make you laugh and laugh. Btw, I love getting our books and mags at Bestsellers. It's actually NBS but with an upgrade-style.

Lastly, this is what's inside of the Jellybean paperbag...
An aquamarine dress that I'll use for a special event this Monday. I kinda looked like Alice in this. :) Won't be able to tell you the event yet but I'm sure you'll be surprised. Tihee I'm excited!

Wish me luck for the event. Have a great weekend!


  1. Hahaha, of course. We gotta have our weekly dose of makeup. :D

  2. nice dress! very perfect for summer :)

  3. ok, i love sophie kinsella's book. i just read - a hissy fit and loved it. love your haul especially the dress :).

  4. @SOFiA!: Yes, 'coz we're pretty girls! haha

    @Ibyang: Thanks. Yeah, it's summer here and so so hot! What's new Philippines!

    @Kassidy: Thanks! I'm pretty sure that book isn't available here. Will wait for it.


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