March 23, 2010

Toner + Baguio Treats

Happy Tuesday everyone! My day started well because I am munching on these...

Baguio Treats

Choco Flakes, White Choco Flakes, Lengua, Lettuce and of course Baguio = Strawberries. I ♥ strawberries now, I used to hate them before. Honestly, Baguio's strawberry aren't as good as before. But I liked how it turned out, a bit of sour taste. Family doesn't like it so all it me. :)

Enough for the food, I really want to ask on your opinion on these two toners I am currently using.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2
Sweeps away dead surface skin cells on normal to oily skin. Skin appears smoother, softer, with more light-reflecting qualities. Allows more effective moisturisation. Makeup goes on more smoothly and stays on longer. Provides a cool, refreshing feeling.

I am halfway the bottle now, and I don't know if it's working well. You see I'm Type 2 (Dry to Dry Combination) but it feels even drier everytime I use it. I noticed that it contains alcohol as its main ingredient and I know that alcohol isn't good for dry skin.

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner
It gently removes excess oil and impurities without overdrying, leaving your skin soft, smooth and naturally balanced.

Recently, I bought this at Healthy Options due to a lot of mixed raves about it. I guess this is more for those who have oilier skin. I can't really tell the efficacy of it now. All I can notice is the foul smell, not the type I can't withstand though.

What are your suggestions or experiences with these toners? Are they good?
I want to know what's yours. :)


  1. i am using level 2 as of now but supposedly im level 3 sayang kasi kaya im using it,and yea drying nga yung alcohol to some but not me,that is why you should apply their 3rd step moisturizing lotion kasi medyo drying yung clarifying lotion nila..if the clinique doesnt improve your skin might as well go back to your previous one or to a much cheaper quality tested brand,i tried Dickinson's too but it didnt work for me...hehe

  2. i love strawberries too!!!! they are one of my comfort food :) my family doesn't eat them as much, i don't why (eh ang sarap sarap kaya hehe).

    on toners. in my 20s, even with oily skin, i stopped using toners altogether. because it stopped working for me. so what i did was find a cleanser that also tones as well. i found Murad. they have cleanser and toner in one. it works for me (i think when one gets older, how the skin reacts to beauty products change) and it saves me time as well.

    as for the ones you have here, some of my friends swear by the clinique product.

  3. yummy strawberries!

    i wanna try dickinson's too, my fezz is uber oily!

  4. @ Shobe: I got their 3-step line for Type 2 skin and everytime I'll use their moisturizer I always got pimples with white liquid inside. *grows* You're right, I am back now to my reliable skin care prod, Garnier. Cheaper one too!

    @Ibyang: I haven't tried Murad. I must say, it's so expensive here.

    @Nehs: You should try it too! Though I warn you on its smell haha

  5. Baguio strawberries - my dad's from Baguio :). As for toners, I used Clinique at some point but didn't like it. I'm now using and liking Proactive. I have oily skin and with this toner, it seems to even it out.


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