March 20, 2010

Crocs Mega Sale at The Mega Tent Survivor

Yes, I've been there. At the Mega Tent for Crocs Mega Sale. I survived.

Hoooh, with just the title you know I won't need to describe what chaos happened that day. Because from March 18 to 21 (March 17 for Citibank Cardholders Preview) Crocs will held a Mega Sale at the Mega Tent and starts at 10AM-6PM. What do you say when you see Crocs marked down their products for up to 90%? Well, I say this:

And this:
And this:
And me, poof!
I am standing on this grass field from 8AM - 11AM being fried under the sun. Silly me to never thought of bringing my umbrella. But hey, see me smiling still haha. Though we arrived on the event at 8AM, there is already long line waiting for you! The guard said that these people are waiting for as early as 6-7AM. Hooo! Actually, we are still lucky to be in that part.

Once you're in line, Citibank representatives will pursue and pursue you to sign up for their credit card! In return, you'll have the VIP access to the event which I guess is just free entrance (Non-Citibank cardholders are charged Php 50 for entrance fee). Their overused words are still in my head, "Mam may credit card na po kayo?"

By 11AM, much after waiting for 3 hours, we finally managed to get inside and dive to boxes upon boxes of Crocs footwear! Hubby and I decided to separate and go to our particular areas then meet at the Jibbitzcorner once we are done searching for our pair/s. Ladies from different social levels endlessly search for their desired style and size. I am really eyeing for Malindi, Prima, Alice and for my sis Girls Alice, Kids Cayman and either Dora or Cinderella Crocling.

To much dismay, I never found any of my faves there. Either they ran out of sizes, styles or the other pair is missing. Yeah, you can really see missing pairs scattered on the floor.

We stayed in the Kids sections since this part isn't populated much unlike in the Women's and Men's section. Hubby and I are already thinking to leave empty-handed and just exit at the Passers-by (such a lonely exit after thinking of how long you waited for it). But suddenly, my eyes landed something on one of these boxes.

Still smiling huh, :)

Wonder why? Because I spotted my goal on the Kids section. Yey! I guess someone just left it there. After checking if it fits me well, a mom hurriedly asked me where did I get it. It just shows how this style is so loved!

We head on to the cashier and probably waited for another 20-30 mins. Actually, I don't remember how long we stayed there, probably less longer that what I expected. Hubby is there to cheer me up. :) Just to show you the difference of the Cashier Area from the time we started to the time we're lining up.



We were out by 12:30PM. We don't care how we look like at that time because our tummy says that we should head to the nearest mall and grab our lunch. Btw, there are food stalls in the event like McDo and Mang Inasal in case someone needs some refreshments. There's also Ministop in the next building.

Looking back at what happened I guess it's all worth it, knowing it is just our first time. :) 'Coz I am with Hubby and I got this.

Malindi in Watermalon size 7..just what I am looking for.
From PhP 1850 down to PhP 925.

We'll go back again for the next Crocs Mega sale. See you there!


  1. Waa! Kainggit naman. Sana meron din dito nyan.

    Lots of love,

  2. yay! ang mura nga nung crocs pero parang di ko ata keri yung ganyan kadaming tao. :P

  3. i didn't know that Crocs was such a hit in the phils until i saw your photos. as in wow.

  4. @Golden: Hai nako sis, mapapagod ka lang.

    @princess_dyanie: oo, kaloka yung dami ng tao. gusto ko ulit umulit pero sa dami ng tao gusto ko na sumuko hehe

    @Ibyang: Welcome to my blog sis. Yeah, crocs are hit in the Phils but it comes with a high price tag. That's why there are more fake Crocs users than original ones. Sad.


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