March 11, 2010

Nescafe First Pick Event at Trinoma

A day without coffee isn't a day with me. Coffee's aroma entices me every morning or anytime I get to smell one. I even have the habit to sniff in right from its jar or pack. I don't know.. but it keeps me on high. :) I can call it my Love for Coffee. No argue that coffee just binds everyone. From the usual kapehan of a family every morning, coffee breaks and meetings in the office and late at night projects with your thesis mates to perk you up. Don't you just love it too?

That's why I never said no to an event held recently about coffee on March 5. Nescafe launch Adopt a Li'l Beanie which is for every purchase of Nescafe First Pick 2010 Limited Edition bottle bought you get to adopt one bean which will then be donated to our coffee farmers. One bean donation from a PhP 110 coffee may sound a little but if many people will take part of it, that could really mean a lot for our farmers. In fact Nescafe, being the country’s leading coffee brand, is already helping around 30,000 coffee farmers for 40 years now by providing training assistance and different various programs.
The event was held at Trinoma Activity Center and there are five stations. Once you go in, you'll be handed with a map-like which you need to have it stamped for every station you visit.

First stop, the Planting Station. Did you know that you will have to wait for nine months after planting the coffee bean to grow into a seedling and another nine months before it grew dozens of red cherries? Hmmm.

Second stop, Picking Post. We were asked to pick 10 cherries and drop it in a bowl of water. When 4 or less float, you'll be given a reward. This is just a test of what good cherries are. When they float, it means an insect have gotten inside them. While those healthy ones, of course, will sink in to the water.

Third stop, Buying Station. Here, we have to differentiate the looks of a coffee bean. There are black beanie, broken beanie, good beanie etc.

Fourth stop, Tasting Patio. We got to taste Nescafe First Pick for free! :)

Fifth and last stop, Adoption Barn. You'll need to buy the bottle for Php 110. They also offer cute shirts which you just need to add PhP 100. We liked "I am a Li'l Beanie Mom and Dad" shirt but, yes, they ran out of those. We asked if it's available in stores or supermarkets but sadly it's not. :( Once you bought a bottle, you can now pass through the adoption barn then you can enter your special code in their available laptops and adopt your li'l beanie right there! You can also get to name it. But I can't tell you what we named ours, haha.

Participated with various artists like Sitti, Karla Henry, Joy Viado and Christian Bautista. I can't hide but to get so kilig when Christian Bautista serenaded the audience with his renditions of Jose Mari Chan's best songs. He has the album, btw, titled "Romance Revisited: The Love Songs of Jose Mari Chan." He sang Beautiful Girl to a lucky mom down in his knees...hmmm. I love him. :)

After completing these stations, we are given a souvenir photo. Our Adoption Certificate, take a look!

Hubby and I instantly become Mom and Dad..with a coffee beanie! I'm happy.

To know more about the coffee, please visit Nescafe First Pick website.


  1. That looks like a fun experience. And you did learn a lot regarding coffee. I used to be a coffee lover too but not so much anymore. Before I got pregnant with Jamjam, I would drink at least 3 cups of strong coffee a day. Even after causing me UTI, I still continued this mad coffee habit of mine. Then I got pregnant. Pregnancy made me stop drinking coffee because I believe coffee is bad for the fetus. Since then, I no longer drink strong coffee. I still drink a cup of mild coffee though once in a while. :)

    Lots of love,

  2. I'm a coffee addict too! But not yet a mother-to-be, so pwede pang more coffee. :) Hope your baby is getting well soon!


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