March 28, 2010

Weekend Loot - 03.27.10

Showing hauls for some is thought of as bragging but hey, I love these kind of posts. It's a bit therapeutic and inspiring to see where your hard-earned money was spent..err on beauty stuff :). That's why I also love seeing your stuff. Here's mine this week:

Paper bag is from Jellybean, Watsons stuff, Hello Kitty watch for my sis, Hardware Mag (HWM) for Hubby and a book for me.

A trip to the mall won't be complete without buying some stuff in wherelse? Watsons :) (Our boys don't really get it, ayt?)

My visit wasn't really intended to buy my monthly stock of beauty stuff but I am going to an event this coming week so I need to prep my skin.

~ Garnier Light Perfect Fit & Relax Whitening Mask PhP 89
The whitening mask claims to make you look like you've used their whitening care for 14 days in just 10 minutes of wrapping. Let's test that.

~ Garnier Light Face Powder in Ivory PhP 199
This is their lightest shade and I find this product effective to me. Well, I'm a long-time Garnier user and I swear by breakouts.  Other shades available. Neutral and Beige.

~ Nichido Powder Blush in Sunkissed PhP 88
My first time to buy a Nichido blush. I'm actually eyeing for their South Beach blush.

I adore Sophie Kinsella. I have the complete set of her Shopaholic series. This is her latest, Twenties Girl Php 275, about a working girl named Lara who was mysteriously visited by her great-aunt Sadie's spirit and asked her for one request -- She must find Sadie's missing necklace because she cannot rest without it. Her mission together with her aunt make a hilarious sparring duo. :)

I started reading the book and as usual, Kinsella's wit is still there. It will make you laugh and laugh. Btw, I love getting our books and mags at Bestsellers. It's actually NBS but with an upgrade-style.

Lastly, this is what's inside of the Jellybean paperbag...
An aquamarine dress that I'll use for a special event this Monday. I kinda looked like Alice in this. :) Won't be able to tell you the event yet but I'm sure you'll be surprised. Tihee I'm excited!

Wish me luck for the event. Have a great weekend!

March 23, 2010

Toner + Baguio Treats

Happy Tuesday everyone! My day started well because I am munching on these...

Baguio Treats

Choco Flakes, White Choco Flakes, Lengua, Lettuce and of course Baguio = Strawberries. I ♥ strawberries now, I used to hate them before. Honestly, Baguio's strawberry aren't as good as before. But I liked how it turned out, a bit of sour taste. Family doesn't like it so all it me. :)

Enough for the food, I really want to ask on your opinion on these two toners I am currently using.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2
Sweeps away dead surface skin cells on normal to oily skin. Skin appears smoother, softer, with more light-reflecting qualities. Allows more effective moisturisation. Makeup goes on more smoothly and stays on longer. Provides a cool, refreshing feeling.

I am halfway the bottle now, and I don't know if it's working well. You see I'm Type 2 (Dry to Dry Combination) but it feels even drier everytime I use it. I noticed that it contains alcohol as its main ingredient and I know that alcohol isn't good for dry skin.

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner
It gently removes excess oil and impurities without overdrying, leaving your skin soft, smooth and naturally balanced.

Recently, I bought this at Healthy Options due to a lot of mixed raves about it. I guess this is more for those who have oilier skin. I can't really tell the efficacy of it now. All I can notice is the foul smell, not the type I can't withstand though.

What are your suggestions or experiences with these toners? Are they good?
I want to know what's yours. :)

March 22, 2010

CBTL Fru-Tea Ice Blended

I've announced here before that CBTL will launch their summer drinks on March 14 and will give away 12 oz. complimentary drink of your choice of either "Pomegranate Fru-tea"or "Lemon Zest Fru-tea"..We're there at their Trinoma Branch by 10:30 AM to give it a try. *wink* There's a whole family enjoying their CBTL Fru-Tea by the time we came in!

Take a look at how refreshing they are..

Lemon Zest Fru-Tea and Pomegranate Fru-Tea

Since this will be our breakfast too, hubby and I had some add-ons to our order.

Ensaymada Php 65
Light-as-air puff pastry, smothered with butter and cheese.

Blueberry Muffin Php 80 (not sure with the price)
Stuffed from top to bottom with blueberries.

It's our first time to order these pastries and we loved it. As much as we loved their summer drinks. Hubby prefer Lemon Zest because it is so refreshing and I can attest to that. While I love Pomegranate Fru-Tea for its sour kick. We will surely try these drinks hot in Manila ayt?

I know this is a late post, I almost forgot sorry :)

How about you have you tried it? Happy Monday everyone!

March 21, 2010

10 Things To Remember When You're Going To A Mega Sale Event

Ten things I've learned after going to Crocs Mega Sale at the Mega Tent.

1. Be there early. If it starts at 10 AM, be there from 7-8 AM. After that, be prepared to be basked, or better be baked, under the sun. :) In case, you'll be going to an event with no waiting area.
2. Have a preview of products on sale and pick your favorites before going in. This way you can get directly on a specific style and never get lost as there will be lots of styles to choose from and I must say, people dashing out to grab it first.
3. Better if you know your size too. That way, you can just grab anything you want and recheck after if it fits you well.
4. Be a girl scout. Bring an umbrella, water and face towels.
5. Wear comfy outfit. For me, shorts and flip flops would be my best bet since I am going to a footwear sale.
6. Have someone with you. Just to share the waiting in line moment. I have Hubby on my side.
7. If it's not really important, never bring a child inside the event. Just look at how they will be irritated with the environment. Better if you'll just have someone stay with them in the car.
8. Bring extra cash. In case, you spotted another gem. :)
9. Be patient. Don't be a damn brat complaining and whining of how uncomfortable your situation is. You know where you are going and I'm sure you know what to expect.
10. Don't forget your camera. So you can always remember that you once became crazy over a pair of shoes.

March 20, 2010

Crocs Mega Sale at The Mega Tent Survivor

Yes, I've been there. At the Mega Tent for Crocs Mega Sale. I survived.

Hoooh, with just the title you know I won't need to describe what chaos happened that day. Because from March 18 to 21 (March 17 for Citibank Cardholders Preview) Crocs will held a Mega Sale at the Mega Tent and starts at 10AM-6PM. What do you say when you see Crocs marked down their products for up to 90%? Well, I say this:

And this:
And this:
And me, poof!
I am standing on this grass field from 8AM - 11AM being fried under the sun. Silly me to never thought of bringing my umbrella. But hey, see me smiling still haha. Though we arrived on the event at 8AM, there is already long line waiting for you! The guard said that these people are waiting for as early as 6-7AM. Hooo! Actually, we are still lucky to be in that part.

Once you're in line, Citibank representatives will pursue and pursue you to sign up for their credit card! In return, you'll have the VIP access to the event which I guess is just free entrance (Non-Citibank cardholders are charged Php 50 for entrance fee). Their overused words are still in my head, "Mam may credit card na po kayo?"

By 11AM, much after waiting for 3 hours, we finally managed to get inside and dive to boxes upon boxes of Crocs footwear! Hubby and I decided to separate and go to our particular areas then meet at the Jibbitzcorner once we are done searching for our pair/s. Ladies from different social levels endlessly search for their desired style and size. I am really eyeing for Malindi, Prima, Alice and for my sis Girls Alice, Kids Cayman and either Dora or Cinderella Crocling.

To much dismay, I never found any of my faves there. Either they ran out of sizes, styles or the other pair is missing. Yeah, you can really see missing pairs scattered on the floor.

We stayed in the Kids sections since this part isn't populated much unlike in the Women's and Men's section. Hubby and I are already thinking to leave empty-handed and just exit at the Passers-by (such a lonely exit after thinking of how long you waited for it). But suddenly, my eyes landed something on one of these boxes.

Still smiling huh, :)

Wonder why? Because I spotted my goal on the Kids section. Yey! I guess someone just left it there. After checking if it fits me well, a mom hurriedly asked me where did I get it. It just shows how this style is so loved!

We head on to the cashier and probably waited for another 20-30 mins. Actually, I don't remember how long we stayed there, probably less longer that what I expected. Hubby is there to cheer me up. :) Just to show you the difference of the Cashier Area from the time we started to the time we're lining up.



We were out by 12:30PM. We don't care how we look like at that time because our tummy says that we should head to the nearest mall and grab our lunch. Btw, there are food stalls in the event like McDo and Mang Inasal in case someone needs some refreshments. There's also Ministop in the next building.

Looking back at what happened I guess it's all worth it, knowing it is just our first time. :) 'Coz I am with Hubby and I got this.

Malindi in Watermalon size 7..just what I am looking for.
From PhP 1850 down to PhP 925.

We'll go back again for the next Crocs Mega sale. See you there!

March 19, 2010

Snapshot of Where I Am Yesterday + Hauls

Here's a preview where I am yesterday. Do you know this place and the long line? 

Full report tomorrow!

We went to the mall after the event and here's what I got:
Sunsilk Damage Repair Conditioner PhP 84 - Mom and I like the Sunsilk Damage Repair Promo Kit so we repurchase another set.
pH Care Cool Wind PhP 46 - My fave variant for my you-know-what :)
L'oreal Elseve Smooth Intense Conditioner PhP 165 - I'm a long-time user of their Royal Jelly variant but I feel like my hair really needs something new.

What do you think ladies? I'm quite a hair-care product fanatic :)

March 17, 2010

CONTEST: Kumiko Wants To See You!

Hello my friends, how are you? I have been MIA for a while now..still has lot of commitments. :( Anyway, a Blogger friend is having a contest and wants to meet us. Her contest is rather a different one among others, since the prize is.... a dessert date with her!

You want it? Well, she wants to treat her lucky winner with this!

The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt (my fave fro-yo)

Yah, I WANT IT! And I want to meet her! If ever she would have more replies (I know she will), she'll include this dessert too.

Max Brenner Chocolate Fondue

Awww, she is so sweet. Here's an advanced White Hat fro-yo to you Kumiko! :)

Learn more about her here.

Photo Credits: From her blog.

March 13, 2010

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Fru-Tea Ice Blended OPEN HOUSE

If you are free this Sunday or not feeling to watch Manny Pacquio's fight, better go to your favorite CBTL branch and be the first to sample their summer drinks!

From 10 AM - 12NN, your choice of Pomegranate Fru-tea or Lemon Zest Fru-tea Ice Blended -- FREE! Pomegranate sounds like a good choice for me. If you're not familiar with it, it's called "Granada" by us Filipinos.

Note: All The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores in Manila & Cebu will participate (except Convergys)

See you there!

March 12, 2010

FOOD: Cravings Last Night

In the middle of the night, I waked up and started craving for this...

Selecta Vanilla Macaroon. Classic buttery vanilla ice cream with chewy chunks of moist macaroons swirled with rich caramel fudge.

This is meant to be shared.. so I waked up hubby too. It is one of our favorites. Hubby being a caramel-addict is so obsessed with this one. Loaded with macaroon pieces that are chewy and coated with coconut shreds. Yum-oh! I reminisce something everytime I eat this... Butterball! It leaves you with that after taste.

How about you? How do you beat the heat? :)

March 11, 2010

Nescafe First Pick Event at Trinoma

A day without coffee isn't a day with me. Coffee's aroma entices me every morning or anytime I get to smell one. I even have the habit to sniff in right from its jar or pack. I don't know.. but it keeps me on high. :) I can call it my Love for Coffee. No argue that coffee just binds everyone. From the usual kapehan of a family every morning, coffee breaks and meetings in the office and late at night projects with your thesis mates to perk you up. Don't you just love it too?

That's why I never said no to an event held recently about coffee on March 5. Nescafe launch Adopt a Li'l Beanie which is for every purchase of Nescafe First Pick 2010 Limited Edition bottle bought you get to adopt one bean which will then be donated to our coffee farmers. One bean donation from a PhP 110 coffee may sound a little but if many people will take part of it, that could really mean a lot for our farmers. In fact Nescafe, being the country’s leading coffee brand, is already helping around 30,000 coffee farmers for 40 years now by providing training assistance and different various programs.
The event was held at Trinoma Activity Center and there are five stations. Once you go in, you'll be handed with a map-like which you need to have it stamped for every station you visit.

First stop, the Planting Station. Did you know that you will have to wait for nine months after planting the coffee bean to grow into a seedling and another nine months before it grew dozens of red cherries? Hmmm.

Second stop, Picking Post. We were asked to pick 10 cherries and drop it in a bowl of water. When 4 or less float, you'll be given a reward. This is just a test of what good cherries are. When they float, it means an insect have gotten inside them. While those healthy ones, of course, will sink in to the water.

Third stop, Buying Station. Here, we have to differentiate the looks of a coffee bean. There are black beanie, broken beanie, good beanie etc.

Fourth stop, Tasting Patio. We got to taste Nescafe First Pick for free! :)

Fifth and last stop, Adoption Barn. You'll need to buy the bottle for Php 110. They also offer cute shirts which you just need to add PhP 100. We liked "I am a Li'l Beanie Mom and Dad" shirt but, yes, they ran out of those. We asked if it's available in stores or supermarkets but sadly it's not. :( Once you bought a bottle, you can now pass through the adoption barn then you can enter your special code in their available laptops and adopt your li'l beanie right there! You can also get to name it. But I can't tell you what we named ours, haha.

Participated with various artists like Sitti, Karla Henry, Joy Viado and Christian Bautista. I can't hide but to get so kilig when Christian Bautista serenaded the audience with his renditions of Jose Mari Chan's best songs. He has the album, btw, titled "Romance Revisited: The Love Songs of Jose Mari Chan." He sang Beautiful Girl to a lucky mom down in his knees...hmmm. I love him. :)

After completing these stations, we are given a souvenir photo. Our Adoption Certificate, take a look!

Hubby and I instantly become Mom and Dad..with a coffee beanie! I'm happy.

To know more about the coffee, please visit Nescafe First Pick website.

March 10, 2010

Weekend Loot - 03.05.10

Just a quick post on my loot last weekend.

It is the beginning of the month, meaning it is time to grab those March issues! My fave mags are mostly from Summit Media.. Cosmo and Women's Health specifically. They are now present in bookstores. Better grab them!

March issue of Women's Health with cover girl Ms. Judy Ann Santos. See how her figure and aura changed? I am fascinated with her and how she managed to be like that. Must be good to have someone like Ryan Agoncillo, huh? :)

Anyway, I chose this over Cosmo because it features a lot of tips on losing weight and how to be summer-ready. It's time to show some skin. Hmmmm, I ain't just sure if I can follow their tips seriously. Haha.

I also sported some Tomato accessories on the way to the Cinema and I got this!

Its original price is PhP 200. But hey it is 50% off, and I bought it for PhP 100 only. :) Available in different colors like blue, green, red and violet but the yellow one is the best for me! Cute, right?

'Til the next weekend loot post ladies!

March 9, 2010

California Berry + Nescafe First Pick Event

Last Friday, California Berry gave away free yogurt to their first 50 customers from 2PM to 4PM in every branch. It was their way of introducing their newest yogurt flavor, it's blueberry btw :), along side of their other flavors like green tea (matcha), coffee and of course the original. Luckily, we are near their SM The Block branch that day because of another event. We visit their cute store and I think we are the 5th customer to try it out. First ones were a group of high school students.I already scoop on my cup eeek :p

According to them, "Blueberries are literally bursting with nutrients and flavor, yet very low in calories. An Antioxidant Powerhouse. Cardioprotective Action. Protection against Macular Degeneration. Promotion of Gastrointestinal Health. Protection against Colon Cancer. Protection against Ovarian Cancer. **PLUS** It's combined with fresh nonfat frozen yogurt so you get the BEST of Both!" Who couldn't say no to that?

It's my first time to try it actually..because I have my fave yogurt place too! :) I will tell you more of that next time. California Berry yogurt is so smooth and has that sting of sourness. I don't really like it that much or maybe because I got the blueberry flavor which in itself has already a sour taste. Hubby doesn't buy it either. But I guess we need to get back to this place and try their original one with toppings to give them fair judgment. What do you think?

Prices per cup size are: Small at PhP 60, Medium at PhP 85 and Large at PhP 115. There is an additional charge of Php 20 per topping. They also have premixed choices for P115 (medium) and P145 (large).

Please visit their site for a complete list of branches. You may also be a fan of their Facebook Fan page to be updated on promotions and latest offerings.

California Berry
SM North Edsa The Block
4th Level, Near the Cinema


That day, we also attended an event at Trinoma Activity Center. Nescafe First Pick launched their "Adopt A Li'l Beanie" which is for every Nescafe First Pick 2010 Limited Edition bottle you purchase you can adopt one coffee bean and donate it to our coffee farmers.

We instantly become Li'l Beanie Mom and Dad! Will have a detailed post on this later. Have a great day :)

March 8, 2010

Suprised Packaged For Me

Look what waked me up this morning...

Wonder what's inside? When Mom handed the package I am kinda puzzled too since I am not expecting any delivery this month for me. I open it and a pink bag meets my eye. Hmmm, it is from Kotex! I thought they will not send the kit because it has been months since I registered for it. But it's here now.. :) The bag includes 5 cute boxes with two pouches of Kotex Luxe in it. So that is a total of 10 pads..yey!

Let me describe what this pad is all about...

Kotex Luxe, the first ultrathin pad that gives you breakthrough Fusion Technology combining dryness and comfort with just 1 pad. No more compromise!
  1. Fusion Technology
    A revolutionary combination of dry-net and cotton-like covers to help you get the dryness of net and the softness of cotton.
  2. MicroMax® Core
    Super absorbent ultrathin core to help maximize protection.
  3. Longer Wings
    Provide better side coverage that helps prevent side leaks and stains.
  4. Anti-leak channels
    Channel fluid within the pad to help prevent leakage all around.
(Source: Kotex website)

I'm near to my period days, so I might give this a test soon! How about you? Have you got yours? Thank you Kotex! :)
 A closer look to Kotex Luxe

March 7, 2010

BEAUTY: L'oreal Elseve Re-Nutrition Hair Mask Review

Hello my friends!

This week I have been very busy due to a lot of overdue commitments. Hmmm, I need to reorganize my tasks and do some serious time-management here, really. Have you experienced that feeling when you can't start something for there are so many things running in your mind. Eeek! That's me starting Monday.. I know some of you can relate to that. How I wish there's a button to just do those thing in an instant or a "Justine look-a-like robot" to replace me.. haha not so good idea :)

So to relax and freshen me up for the coming week, I did some DIY rituals! For my stressed hair, I am a fan of L'oreal Elseve Re-Nutrition Hair Mask. See I'm on my way in finishing my first tub!

L'oreal Elseve Re-Nutrition Replenishing Hair Mask
Enriched with Royal Jelly, an exceptional concentration of combined elements. It bathes very dry hair in nourishing ingredients to replenish the fibre with moisture, so your hair regains elasticity, bounce and suppleness.

After shampoo, squeeze out excess moisture and apply generously, concentrating on the tips. Leave for 1-2 minutes before rinsing. Rinses out easily. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately.

  • Moisturized my dried out hair
  • Hair feels silky and soft everytime I touch it..hubby too :)
  • Great smell
  • Nice moussey texture
  • Very affordable
  • None. That's how I love this product.
For those people who may consider the big opening unhygienic, it's best to scoop it with a spatula. I don't directly dig in into the tub. And of course this won't create a miracle in saving your hair overnight, make it a habit! Once a week is enough. Better if you let it stay for an hour or so on a cling wrap.

Will I buy this again?
I still have 2 stocks with me!

Where and How much?
This product can be found on all leading department stores and supermarkets. I bought mine at Watsons for PhP375.

Just to show you the effects on my hair :)

March 2, 2010

Weekend Loot - 02.27.10

Another weekend had passed meaning another loot to post. Yey! I love these kind of posts. Don't you? I got some good stuffs this week...and it is all PINK! A bracelet, small vanity box and a cute mug.

Bracelet PhP 199 @ SM Department Store
I just love pearls. Plus the idea of having three styles in one chain! It's pretty cheap too. (See my arm, I'm such a balbon. *blush*)

Vanity box PhP 75 @ SM Home World
This one is on sale. It is not too big though to carry all the kikay stuffs. I'm thinking of using these as my nail polish organizer.

Disney Princess Mug PhP 65 @ SM Home World
This is your usual mug one can expect to get on exchange gifts during the Christmas season. But I can't resist the design. Feels like I'm a princess and a child too! Haha. It's suppose to be for kids..and kids at heart. (*points to me*)

How about you? Did you purchased a pink stuff recently?
I would love to know. ♥

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