March 10, 2010

Weekend Loot - 03.05.10

Just a quick post on my loot last weekend.

It is the beginning of the month, meaning it is time to grab those March issues! My fave mags are mostly from Summit Media.. Cosmo and Women's Health specifically. They are now present in bookstores. Better grab them!

March issue of Women's Health with cover girl Ms. Judy Ann Santos. See how her figure and aura changed? I am fascinated with her and how she managed to be like that. Must be good to have someone like Ryan Agoncillo, huh? :)

Anyway, I chose this over Cosmo because it features a lot of tips on losing weight and how to be summer-ready. It's time to show some skin. Hmmmm, I ain't just sure if I can follow their tips seriously. Haha.

I also sported some Tomato accessories on the way to the Cinema and I got this!

Its original price is PhP 200. But hey it is 50% off, and I bought it for PhP 100 only. :) Available in different colors like blue, green, red and violet but the yellow one is the best for me! Cute, right?

'Til the next weekend loot post ladies!


  1. Wow! We do have the same cute pink layout.

    Love the yellow accessories you just bought. Thanks for following my blog by the way. I'm also following your blog now. ;)

    Lots of love,

  2. Thank you Golden! Welcome to my baby blog! :)


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