April 2, 2010

Yours Truly @ TV5's Talentadong Pinoy

Yeah, you read it right. But not as a contestant, okay? Haha. Fortunately, I was given a chance to become a Talentado Jury last Monday held on SM North Edsa Sky Dome. My taping's scheduled at 3PM. Brought my Mom, Sis and Hubby with me. Too bad, I only got to take some pics 'coz cameras aren't allowed to be used inside. But hubby get to sneaked some. Haha.

I came early, tell me I'm excited. :) Audience are entertained by Voyz Avenue, an all-boys group who dance and sings serving as front act for that night. Think of them as those Korean boy band whose maporma but hey, they got talent uh. And me, I am at the backstage prepping up by the MUA with my seven other Jury. We're eight btw.

Here are the pics that night.

The audience

Can you spot my Hubby? They've got a good view of the stage.

Voyz Avenue

My mom and sis...

With hubby...

Tuesday Vargas is so funny and pretty in person. She has a lot of tattoo on her back though, not sure if it's just Henna. That's Wilma Doesn't and Ruffa G. on her back. Ruffa G looks like a mannequin, I envy her legs. oh la la la. Wilma is pretty too!

Audie Gemora

Hubby and sis as Jury too haha.

And yours truly...
I'm a celebrity..for a night (Don't you dare say no! Haha)

Hope you didn't get bored. I don't have a picture of Ryan A. :( He's so gwapo and ang kulit!!! Honestly, it isn't my first time to get on TV. I was once a contestant of Kris Aquino's Pinoy Bingo Night. Now I'm shy *wink*

Thanks to TV5 and Ms. Rachel. This will be aired on Easter Sunday, April 4, around 7-8 PM. Please watch me, okay?


  1. Ooppss! That's the reason why I thought I saw you there haha!

  2. Wow, you do look like a real celebrity hehehe.. How I wish I could watch it... I just followed your blog dearest, hope you can visit sometimes and ahem follow me back wink.

  3. wow, you've got yourself a tv appearance! great. have a happy easter! =)

  4. you look so pretty! i wanna see Ruffa in person too! :D she's one pf my fave celeb here. she always look gorgeous!

  5. @RHiiAN: Are you there too? Hope we could get to meet one day :)

    @chubskulit: Sure dear, will visit you!

    @docgelo: Thanks a lot Doc!

    @✿Ji✿: Thanks, you're very pretty too!

    @*Nehs*: Yah, everyone will be envious of her skin. :)


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