March 21, 2010

10 Things To Remember When You're Going To A Mega Sale Event

Ten things I've learned after going to Crocs Mega Sale at the Mega Tent.

1. Be there early. If it starts at 10 AM, be there from 7-8 AM. After that, be prepared to be basked, or better be baked, under the sun. :) In case, you'll be going to an event with no waiting area.
2. Have a preview of products on sale and pick your favorites before going in. This way you can get directly on a specific style and never get lost as there will be lots of styles to choose from and I must say, people dashing out to grab it first.
3. Better if you know your size too. That way, you can just grab anything you want and recheck after if it fits you well.
4. Be a girl scout. Bring an umbrella, water and face towels.
5. Wear comfy outfit. For me, shorts and flip flops would be my best bet since I am going to a footwear sale.
6. Have someone with you. Just to share the waiting in line moment. I have Hubby on my side.
7. If it's not really important, never bring a child inside the event. Just look at how they will be irritated with the environment. Better if you'll just have someone stay with them in the car.
8. Bring extra cash. In case, you spotted another gem. :)
9. Be patient. Don't be a damn brat complaining and whining of how uncomfortable your situation is. You know where you are going and I'm sure you know what to expect.
10. Don't forget your camera. So you can always remember that you once became crazy over a pair of shoes.

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