February 27, 2010

Food : Afternoon Date at Pizza Hut

We meet again with my friend/high-school classmate, Peter, who is about to set on seas this April. He's a young seamen, just a fresh grad from a reputable school, MAAP. He will be out of our country anytime soon and we're spending these good-ol'-friends-get-together more.

Our meeting place -- SM North Edsa Annex, as always. Of course the two boys hurriedly went to the 4th Floor where Cyberzone is located. While me..well, I'm already thinking where to eat. Hihi. That's what's good when you're having a date with your two closest guys, you'll get to choose where to eat. :) Given the limited food choices, I can't really decide. We tried Krispy Kreme since we're just catching some snacks but when we got inside the store, it's too hot. Though, the whole building is cold. Weird. After a little more steps, what we plan to eat in an unusual place turned out to be... Pizza Hut. Poof! :) We're hoping it's Bistro but it is not. Bistro menu prices are a bit higher that their ordinary Pizza Hut store but it definitely tastes better.

It's my task to decide what food to order that day so...here it is!

Crisp romaine lettuce, bacon crumble, parmesan cheese, and herbed croutons tossed in our caesar dressing. - Obviously, the greens came from their ref...err maybe the plate they used too. It's also cold. Haha.

Penne pasta with basil pesto cream sauteed with tender chicken strips. - Olive Oil + Basil = Pesto, my fave pasta sauce! This pasta belongs to Pizza Hut Pasta Perfetto line. I love how creamy and subtle the pesto flavor was. Plus, they don't scrimp on those flavorful chicken strips.

A classic combination of rich tomato herb sauce, black olives, capers and anchovies. - Also from their Pasta Perfetto line. This wasn't a hit with the boys because of the olives and capers. So it's all for me :) They kept on asking what's that salty taste. Haha, must be the anchovies or those immature buds.. Hmmm, I love capers.

When you want it all Pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, bacon, mushroom, green bell peppers, onions, black olives, fresh garlic topped with mozarella and parmesan, drizzled with olive oil. - Last dish served but first dish to be gone! Just all-in-there good pizza. I may consider this as one of their best pizza. Though it's suppose to be an Italian pizza, it lacks that sour taste. It has that sweet Filipino pizza taste, only better.

For our drinks, we just have sodas. There were only two tables they're serving that time that's why their crew were very attentive to our needs. Every dish served was followed with a fresh crack of black pepper. We're so full that we even have some for take-out. I'll miss these dates for sure.

Ground Floor, Annex Building,
SM City North EDSA, North Avenue corner EDSA
Delivery - 911-1111

CONTEST : The Shades of U Giveaway

Everybody wants a MAC, ayt? And this is my chance to have my first ever MAC product! The Shades of U is having a MAC giveaway to her subscribers because her blog is turning a year older. Isn't that nice? She's giving away one of the two brand-new MAC lip products -- MAC Viva Glam Cyndi and MAC Viva Glam Gaga.

Things you need to do:
  1. Be a subscriber - Follow her blog, Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feed, or e-mail subscription
  2. Post her giveaway on your blog, Twitter or Facebook
  3. Leave a comment about your post on TSOU.
The contest will end on February 27, 2010  at 11:59PM  EST. Open to her International readers! For the full mechanics, visit this!

February 26, 2010

HOW TO : Change Email Address/Username for Blogger Login

Just a quick problem I had recently...

PROBLEM: I want to change my email address or username for login in my Blogger account. But I want to keep the content of my blog. How can I do it?

After logging in, simply go to SETTINGS > PERMISSION. You can find the button Add Authors and add your preferred email address. Refer to the image:

For your convenience, you can open another browser and access there your new email address account and accept the author invitation. Obviously, you'll do this so you won't be log out on your Blogger account.

After accepting the invitation, go back to your Blogger account. Still under the PERMISSION tab, you can now see your new email address added. Grant yourself the admin rights.

Optional: You may delete the old email address.

February 23, 2010

Weekend Loot - 02.20.10

Last Saturday, I went to the mall with hubby to accompany him in checking some IT stuffs for our computer. Yah, we're both in the IT industry and maybe that's the reason why we "click." Haha. Though I'm an IT too, I usually get bored when we're in that floor (SM Cyberzone). So while he's busy there, I sneak to my fave store, what else, but Watsons. :)

I got these stuffs:
~Garnier Light Clarifying foam (Php 79)
~Johnson's Baby Powder (Php 20) - I just use baby powder on casual days.
~PureDerm Deep Cleansing Gel / Nutritious Vitamin Pack (Php 29)
~Ponds Flawless White Foam (Php 180) - Used to be Php 240, but Pond's slash their prices recently. Well this is for hubby.

~Loreal Elseve Re-Nutrition Hair Mask in Royal Jelly (Php 375) - This will be my 2nd tub and my current favorite DIY hair mask..maybe will turn into HG.
~Palmolive Fashion Girl (Php 48) - This is for my lil' sister.

Extra Stuffs
~Block & White Intensive Whitening Lotion (Php 182) - I am about to try this one 'coz I am using their Ultima line. This is a new product and just arrived at Watsons shelves. Promises to whiten in 5 days but I'm doubting it. Haha. But, yeah, I still bought it.
~Medi Guard Mint Waxed Floss (Php 50)
~Mediplast Transparent Plastic Strips (Php 22 for 12 strips)

We're hungry after shopping..we usually are :) We got some snacks at Breadtalk.

We tried to stir away from our usual order Floss. My order was the one in Banana leaf. It's called Pork Satay, I think it's a Thai cuisine actually, not sure though but it tasted like our Pinakbet haha. Good but not that great! Paired with Sola Iced tea, have it in Orange this time.

This is how it looks like - Breadtalk Philippines.. Hubby took this photo.
He wishes to have it inside our house :)

We got what we need, we're so full too and we went home happy! Tihee :)

February 20, 2010

Freebie : Sunsilk Damaged Hair Repair System


After waiting for two weeks, I finally received my Sunsilk kit.  :) I initially found about this promo on Cosmopolitan February 2010 issue and texted "10DAYS" to 2600. You will get a gift pack of their newest product offering, Sunsilk Damage Repair System, which is endorsed by Sarah Geronimo. Their promise: Reconstruct damaged hair in 10 days. Well, my hair is chemically treated so let's prove that.

I thought it will just come in trial sizes but they have it in 200 ml, their biggest bottle. Yey! Thank you Sunsilk! Take a peek on what's inside.

The complete step : Shampoo + Conditioner + Serum = Goodbye damage hair

February 19, 2010

CONTEST ALERT : Yoshinoya, Why Do I Love Thee?

I first tried Yoshinoya when the restau is just starting out. It was a break and an alternative to the other Japanese restaurant famous for their unlimited rice then. But one can really notice the difference in taste of these two restaurant eventhough foods served were similar. Yoshinoya isn't just a place to go when you want food in bento boxes. Initially, you will love the place for its price and their iced tea assortments. Try their Red Iced Tea or Apple Green Iced Tea which really has slices of fruits in them. So refreshing! For meals The BF and I always had these two: Bento box of Ebi Tempura and the Beef Rice Bowl Combo. Yum-yum for the best beef. Don't forget their condiments because you'll gonna love it too! You'll also get a serving of their Miso soup. But I'm not much a fan of miso so all it goes to the BF. Hihi :) I missed our dates there.

Well, this is my entry for Mr. Bong's blog contest "I love Yoshinoya, Japan's #1 Beef Bowl." You too can join his contest just by answering how much you love Yoshinoya! You'll get to win Php 500 worth of Yoshinoya GC!

Photo Credits: Mr. Bong's blog. Hope he doesn't mind. Join now!

February 17, 2010

Ms. Lee Shen Gee Meet and Greet + Early Valentine's Date

Oh my, I can't believe who I just saw! While I'm lining up for the Valentine's day movie at Shang, Ms. Shen of Shen's Addiction came in to watch the movie too. Waaaah! I am speechless. I wanted to greet her but darn I'm so shy. Know why? She is so pretty! And you know she's one of my inspiration for starting this blog.

But then God heard my thoughts. After the movie, I'm waiting for The BF outside the cinema and guess what happen next? Ms. Shen is also waiting for his man and boy oh boy she is standing beside me. Woot woot! I put up all my courage and these words just blurted out... "Hi Shen!" As if we know each other for so long. Haha. Of course, she was clueless of who I am. But that's okay, I introduce her to The BF and I met his man too!

That's me and Ms. Shen. I don't know when we'll meet again. Sigh*

Around 11:30 PM, The BF and I decided to have some coffee at CBTL, Trinoma. The store is open until 1AM. We had our usuals. White Choco Mocha Dream Ice Blended for me and Hot Caramel for my man. We even tried Oreo Cheesecake Tart, which is so good. Little did I know, it is already February 14. Much of an early date this Valentine's. Spread the ♥.

Calories galore in the wee hours

Where Am I On Valentine's Day?

Can you guess?? I was treated to watch a movie for two at Edsa Shangrila Cinema on February 13. It's from White Hat, an Italian frozen yogurt famous in the metro,and they had this contest of giving two free tickets to whoever uses their Valentine's Day movie poster as profile picture on their Facebook account. Of course, I won't be late for that! Haha. Obviously, I am one of the winners. Thus, I earned these.

There are other ways to grab these like sending a blog entry to their Facebook Fan page or if you're really a fanatic, finishing their stamp card by consuming 10 cups or "hats" as what they call it, won't be a problem to you. Well, that won't really be a problem since this yogurt is so YUM-OH!

On the showing date itself, first 200 ladies were given Belle de Jour Planner and a 2 ml The Body Shop Love ETC... Eau de Parfum. It's the latest perfume offering from TBS. While for our guys, free 3-day pass to Fitness First. Being an early bird, we got them all.Tihee!

Thank you Mr. Eric Chao and Ms. Candy Gan! Kudos to White Hat team! Become a fan of White Hat to receive updates on their new products and promos. They now have 6,000 fans!

Errr, I'm thinking this post should be entitled "Where Am I On 02.13.10, right?" Haha.

February 16, 2010

Contest Alert : Earthlingorgeous.com 2nd Blogversary Treat

You know I'm a sucker for freebies. :) And I enjoy joining into contests since you can get things for FREE!! Who doesn't want it, right? So for the first contest I will post on my blog, it must be big! Well, as big as "Earthlingorgeous.com 2nd Blogversary Treat." I've been frequenting Earth's blog soon as I discover it. I find it interesting since it covers almost everything, especially Autism. And I must say, Earth's mother pics are cool when she modeled for her store. So fab!

Naah, let's gets back to the contest haha. Here's my entry: 

MAIN CONTEST PRIZES (Earthlingorgeous.com 2nd Blogversary Treat)
First Prize:
* $100 cash via Paypal
* Blogging from Home Book
* I love Pilipinas Shirt Collectors Edition
* 1 Massage Oil
* Ad spaces which includes: 1 year running link ad, 15 125×125 banner ads for 1 month and 1 125×125 banner ad for 2 months*
* 15,000 EC Credits

Second Prize:
* $25 cash via Paypal
* 15GB Webhosting
* Blogging from Home Book
* I love Pilipinas Shirt Collectors Item
* 1 Massage Oil
* Ad spaces which includes: 1 year running link ad, 10 125×125 banner ads for 1 month and 1 125×125 banner ad for 2 months*
* 5,000 EC Credits

Consolation Prize:
* $10 cash via Paypal
* Blogging From Home Book
* 1 Massage Oil
* 5 125×125 ads for 1 month*
* 2,000 EC Credit
Top Commentator:
* $5 cash via Paypal
* Blogging from Home Book

SIDE CONTEST PRIZES (Earthlingorgeous Gorgeous Gifts)
Neutrogena Wave, Avon WindScape Perfume For Her and For Him, Neutrogena Fine Fairness Compact, Movie Passes from Eastwood City Malls, Caltex Gas Card, T-Shirts, Premiere Movie Items, Eastwood City Gift Packs, Massage Oils, Planners, Blogging From Home books, I Love Pinas Collectors Edition Shirt, Pawnaceal All Natural Paw Balm, Haagendaz Gift Certificate, Starbucks Planner and more!

See the prizes, uh! I told you it's that big! 

1-8 Are Required Steps
1.    Subscribe to my feed via e-mail or reader. (2 pts)  Please confirm your subscription or your entry will be disqualified. (5pts)
Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner
2.    Blog about this contest including all sponsors and their links (just copy the codes provide below) then link to this particular post using this anchor text “Earthlingorgeous.com 2nd Blogversary Treat”. (5 pts)
3.    Grab my contest button and place on your sidebar.  Pls. make sure it links back to this post. (5pts)
4.    On your contest entry post, which includes the sponsors links, answer the following question (your post entry should answer these questions or if you feel comfortable to make another post for this you can do so) : (5pts)
  1. How did you learn about Earthlingorgeous.com?
  2. What is your favorite post here and why? (entry should be between January 2009 – December 2009)  Link to said post.
  3. Include a screen capture/ print screen of the page you are reading at Earthlingorgeous.com or a photo of you reading or browsing Eartlingorgeous.com on your computer screen (make sure my logo appears anywhere in the photo)
  4. What topics would you like to read at Earthlingorgeous more often?
5.    Comment back on this post to inform me of your contest entry URL and the email address you used to subscribe. (2pts)
6.    Become a Fan of Earthlingorgeous.com on Facebook.  Follow me on Twitter (click that follow button on the side bar) (5pts.)
7.    Sign the contestants spreadsheet.  So I will know how to contact you in case you win. (Spreadheet here)
8.  Comment back if you completed all steps 1-8.
For Additional Entry Points and chances to win other prizes:
9.  Comment at least once a day at any of my post especially the new ones.  Spammy and pointless comments are not accepted.  A maximum of 5 comments a day is accepted.  (1pt each comment)
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Special Thanks To The Following :
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I would like to thank all my blogger friends and supporters for providing whatever they could to make this contest bigger and better:
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And now here's my answer to step #4:
1. How did you learn about Earthlingorgeous.com?
I was bloghopping one day and as far as I can remember I am looking for info on autism in our country and I found your site.

2. What is your favorite post here and why? (entry should be between January 2009 – December 2009)  Link to said post.
This is a tough one, uh. Because I also like your other post but it is recent which is the one with Derek. Ooh, envy you. haha :) So I guess my choice will be "2009 Revisited: Earthlingorgeous.com Year Ender." It is very nice to have a compilation of your accomplishments for the past year. Sometimes it would just make you laugh or cry. But hey, it gives you that fulfillment and air of confidence that you've been there and you've done it. Even with the most silly thing you never thought you can do. 

3. Include a screen capture/ print screen of the page you are reading at Earthlingorgeous.com or a photo of you reading or browsing Eartlingorgeous.com on your computer screen (make sure my logo appears anywhere in the photo)

This is a screenshot of my fave post but it is too long, so I just resized it.

4. What topics would you like to read at Earthlingorgeous more often?
Well, you cover mostly anything. But I would appreciate topics about fashion and of course, autism.

Wow, this is such a long post. I'm really serious in bagging the first prize. Woot woot!

You can have your chance too! Earthlingorgeous.com 2nd Blogversary Treat is up until March 18, 2010 only. Join now and let's be enemies haha. Just joking. Goodluck :)

February 15, 2010

My Everyday Beauty Routine - 02.15.10

I started blogging not because of the hype but of the appreciation of what beauty and life is. There are number of beauty blogs I look up to. Knowing their daily beauty routines feels like I'm part of their life too. So it's time I also share mine.

1. My face paraphernalia :)
  • Cleanser - Garnier Light Clarifying Foam
  • Toner - Clinique Clarifying Lotion for Dry, Combination skin
  • Moisturizer - Clinique DDML for Dry, Combination skin and Garnier Light Moisturizer with spf15 (This acts as my moisturizer and sunblock during those "lazy-me" days) :)
    For my body:
  • Soap - Kojie San Whitening Lotion, Caress Body Wash, and sometimes the good 'ol Safeguard
  • Lotion - Nivea Extra Whitening Lotion, J&J Milk Lotion, TBS Body Butter
2. Wait for 10 minutes before I apply makeup. This is a very important step. If I skip this part, my face would be itchy by mid-day...that's for sure!

3. My daily makeup just comprises of:
  • Concealer - MUFE 5-cream pallete concealer
  • Blush on - PF shimmer strips Custom blush & highlighter in Natural Glow
  • Powder - J&J (yes, I just use baby powder haha)
  • Lip tint - Blistex lip tint or any pink/coral shade my hand will land first
  • Mascara - Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara
Just the basic set.

4. My hair is rebonded so I just leave it as it is. Then I'm good to go.
1. Same with my morning face paraphernalia...sans the sunblock.
You'll notice I am using a lot of whitening products..I'm Asian right? :) Asians are obsessed in whitening their skin. I am fair-skinned but I still want to improve how it looks. The BF wants it too.. :)

Of course this routine will change, thus entitled with a date. So I promise to keep you updated. What about you? I am interested to know your beauty routine too. 'Til next time ladies! :)

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day and Kung Hei Fat Choi!


Love comes in many form so I hope everyone is receiving some love today...and always! I am very glad that many people love me. Am I that nice? Haha. My family and of course The BF♥.. God showered me love the whole year round..and please this year too!

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Valentine's Day and let's not forget..Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Welcome to Beauty. Love. Food. Life!

About Me:
20 y/o. Web Developer & Designer. Beauty & brains (yes, dear :D). Provinciana. Vain. Nope much vain. Makeup newbie turn to addict. Foodie Goodie. Coffee Lover. Has internet hunger 24/7 (if there's really a thing). Perfectionist. Complainer. Sweet. and jolly. Love my Fam. Love The BF. Fears God.

About the Blog:
Well... this is a product of my web know-how and the vanity lurking inside me. Inspired by Nikki and Shen. Not much of a content writer nor a photographer nor a food expert but do expect a blog with passion and complexity of a woman's life today. Will include some personal experiences aside from beauty product and food reviews. And freebies too! I'm a sucker for freebies haha. Sure, won't be just another blog placed in this world wide web. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

This is a blog about moi..

Simply Effortless... :)

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