March 22, 2010

CBTL Fru-Tea Ice Blended

I've announced here before that CBTL will launch their summer drinks on March 14 and will give away 12 oz. complimentary drink of your choice of either "Pomegranate Fru-tea"or "Lemon Zest Fru-tea"..We're there at their Trinoma Branch by 10:30 AM to give it a try. *wink* There's a whole family enjoying their CBTL Fru-Tea by the time we came in!

Take a look at how refreshing they are..

Lemon Zest Fru-Tea and Pomegranate Fru-Tea

Since this will be our breakfast too, hubby and I had some add-ons to our order.

Ensaymada Php 65
Light-as-air puff pastry, smothered with butter and cheese.

Blueberry Muffin Php 80 (not sure with the price)
Stuffed from top to bottom with blueberries.

It's our first time to order these pastries and we loved it. As much as we loved their summer drinks. Hubby prefer Lemon Zest because it is so refreshing and I can attest to that. While I love Pomegranate Fru-Tea for its sour kick. We will surely try these drinks hot in Manila ayt?

I know this is a late post, I almost forgot sorry :)

How about you have you tried it? Happy Monday everyone!


  1. aww i miss Coffee Bean..we don't have CBTL here in Sydney and their food and drinks are always yummy. i miss their ensaymada :(

    thanks for following me...followed you as well :)

  2. @Ibyang: Really, there's no CBTL in Sydney, I dont know that. Thansk for the info. Well, I like them over Sbux. Sbux is so overrated here.


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