March 7, 2010

BEAUTY: L'oreal Elseve Re-Nutrition Hair Mask Review

Hello my friends!

This week I have been very busy due to a lot of overdue commitments. Hmmm, I need to reorganize my tasks and do some serious time-management here, really. Have you experienced that feeling when you can't start something for there are so many things running in your mind. Eeek! That's me starting Monday.. I know some of you can relate to that. How I wish there's a button to just do those thing in an instant or a "Justine look-a-like robot" to replace me.. haha not so good idea :)

So to relax and freshen me up for the coming week, I did some DIY rituals! For my stressed hair, I am a fan of L'oreal Elseve Re-Nutrition Hair Mask. See I'm on my way in finishing my first tub!

L'oreal Elseve Re-Nutrition Replenishing Hair Mask
Enriched with Royal Jelly, an exceptional concentration of combined elements. It bathes very dry hair in nourishing ingredients to replenish the fibre with moisture, so your hair regains elasticity, bounce and suppleness.

After shampoo, squeeze out excess moisture and apply generously, concentrating on the tips. Leave for 1-2 minutes before rinsing. Rinses out easily. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately.

  • Moisturized my dried out hair
  • Hair feels silky and soft everytime I touch it..hubby too :)
  • Great smell
  • Nice moussey texture
  • Very affordable
  • None. That's how I love this product.
For those people who may consider the big opening unhygienic, it's best to scoop it with a spatula. I don't directly dig in into the tub. And of course this won't create a miracle in saving your hair overnight, make it a habit! Once a week is enough. Better if you let it stay for an hour or so on a cling wrap.

Will I buy this again?
I still have 2 stocks with me!

Where and How much?
This product can be found on all leading department stores and supermarkets. I bought mine at Watsons for PhP375.

Just to show you the effects on my hair :)

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