April 24, 2010

Food: CIBO

Our table for two.

Whenever I want never-fails-everytime-oh-so-good food, one restaurant will always come to my mind. What else...but only Cibo does. Correct me if I'm wrong but everyone that I know who had tasted a dish here is always hands down to it.

Just a little background about Cibo
Cibo, owned by Margarita Fores, started 12 years ago. Literally, it means food and Cibo had defined what good food means. Coming from a well-known chef, undoubtedly, it nurtured my love for Italian cuisine. Margarita Fores is also known for Cafe Bola and Pepato restaurant. And because they love kids, they came with Cibo Bimbi.

Here comes the edible art.

mushroom. basil. pesto. cream

Long touted as one of the bestsellers in Cibo, I instantly fell in love the first time I tried it. Bow-tie pasta drowned in a very generous wild mushroom cream sauce, fresh basil pesto and freshly grated parmesan cheese. And on its center another dollop of the good pesto.

pork chop. mango mamalleta sauce. parsley rice pilaf

A new addition to their menu. The mango sauce is a perfect combination to this roast pork chop. I wonder how they made the sauce so yummm-oh. Hubby even asked for another order of their parsley rice pilaf and extra dripping of the sauce.

Fresh strawberry fruit shake

When they say fresh, you will got what's fresh.

Fresh pomelo fruit shake

I ordered their white grape shake but it wasn't available that time. The waiter humbly suggested their Pomelo shake for its one of their bestsellers and I obliged. It's next to perfect too but there's something on it that makes my throat itchy. I'm not sure if it's because of the pomelo pulp or it still has undissolved sugar. My first sip was so sweet.

And the best thing...

It's not the traditional tiramisu everybody is familiar of. It’s made of crusty base and cream topped with dark chocolate shavings. I was quite disappointed for the one we had came from the side and the curve edge made it smaller. But I didn't complain for its taste and texture made me forget it.  Next time, I'll remember to request for a better part. Can you notice how it was loaded with dark chocolate shavings?

The all-stainless steel structure, quirky restaurant design, excellent service and the cute paper mill adds up to their magic. I ain't wrong, I'm sure.

Level 2, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center Makati
729-5309 (Fax)
758-2426 (Phone)


  1. i've several posts about cibo too.
    my wife, our kid and i also love cibo. it's one of our favorite casual dining places. we like pizza caviale salmone, rigatoni al alfonso, and yes, their tiramisu is such a delight! we've tried most of their branches--from gateway, triNoma, abs-cbn compound, promenade and the defunct branch in eastwood before but haven't been to their G5, hehe...

  2. that looks so delicious hehe,i was once a frustrated chef wannabe...but i ended up in the medical field,i love pesto!!!

  3. omg! mouth watering!!! they look so YUMMY!!! i want the LOMBATINE DI MIALE.

  4. whenever i'm in manila, i make sure that i have a good meal at cibo.

    your photos looked enticing.

  5. I wanna try the Bow tie pasta! Pesto is love~~ :)

    Hello my sunshine! I have a blogger award for you! Check out my latest post! Hugs~


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