April 11, 2010

Weekend Loot - 04.11.10

I burn again some of my cash. Though this may not be expensive at all but yeah, I still have many products on my room for me to finish. Aaaahh! But I'm in love with beauty stuff. Especially hair care prods. I'm so into them and I love taking care of my hair. Errr, I'm frustrated in taking care of my frizzy-so-far-from-perfect hair! I have my HG shampoo and conditioner already (HG as of now haha) but it's summer and my fave prods can't fight the heat that makes my hair smells...nasty! Sorry but it's true :) I know I don't have to tell you how growse it is. So I'd like to try other shampoo readily available in our market.

You take a peek...
I never realize that one side is blue and the other side is green
until I uploaded it here..haha cute!

J&J Baby Cologne Regular PhP 63
My scent since birth! I like this very much specially when it's summer because it gives you the fresh after bath feeling and "amoy baby."

Creamsilk Conditioner Damage Control PhP 103
This is my exchange conditioner when I feel that my hair's tired with L'oreal.

Sunsilk Strong & Long PhP 94
New version of Sunsilk green. They replace all variants of their shampoo and made their bottles colorful and captivating. Also Sunsilk's shampoos are now co-created with top hair stylists around the world. For me, it's still the same :)

Eskinol Calamansi Facial Cleanser PhP 31.75
For my elbows and knees.

'Til next weekend loot ladies!


  1. J&J baby cologne is one of my fave colognes evah! i always ask my mom to bring me some whenever she visits me here in Sydney :)

  2. Sending you some love, don't forget to pass it to the most beautiful person too.

    or someone who makes you feel beautiful.



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