April 6, 2010

Who's on Top 1?

April 29 was my sister's Recognition Day and I'm proud to say she's the Top 1 on her class and among the Grade 1 sections. Yay! :) I know she is just on her First Grade but hey, it's Top 1! She's better than me when I was at her age. I'm also on honor roll before... always *ehem* but she can dance -- more of the leader type while I was the shy type.

With Mom and her Gold medal :)

She was given the Gold medal for topping the Division exam given only to the best three students on all Grade 1 sections.

The next day was for recognizing students in their respective class. Here she is together with the Top 10. Btw, she's on Star section.

Two medals: First Honor and Most Industrious

What can I say more...I'm a hella proud sister! I love you! :)

Congrats Dominique!

We end it with Ice Cream party!
Selecta Coffee Crumble -- one of our fave flavor!


  1. congrats to your sister :) mana sa ate :)

  2. congrats to your sis!
    you really should be proud of her. she looks real pretty too!

    im sure she'll be a heart breaker once she reaches teen age years.

    sorry for the late reply. i always told myself to reply to your message but i keep on forgetting because my anti-virus acts weird whenever i click site from my c-box

    yeah, i was at sm north last sunday
    i don't think i saw mosbeau there..but i'll go take a look for it 1 of these days. thanks for the info!

  3. @Ibyang: I guess she's better than ate, hehe!

    @~tHiAmErE~: Thanks for the compliments, I'm happy. Next time, I'll call you na talaga!


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