February 23, 2010

Weekend Loot - 02.20.10

Last Saturday, I went to the mall with hubby to accompany him in checking some IT stuffs for our computer. Yah, we're both in the IT industry and maybe that's the reason why we "click." Haha. Though I'm an IT too, I usually get bored when we're in that floor (SM Cyberzone). So while he's busy there, I sneak to my fave store, what else, but Watsons. :)

I got these stuffs:
~Garnier Light Clarifying foam (Php 79)
~Johnson's Baby Powder (Php 20) - I just use baby powder on casual days.
~PureDerm Deep Cleansing Gel / Nutritious Vitamin Pack (Php 29)
~Ponds Flawless White Foam (Php 180) - Used to be Php 240, but Pond's slash their prices recently. Well this is for hubby.

~Loreal Elseve Re-Nutrition Hair Mask in Royal Jelly (Php 375) - This will be my 2nd tub and my current favorite DIY hair mask..maybe will turn into HG.
~Palmolive Fashion Girl (Php 48) - This is for my lil' sister.

Extra Stuffs
~Block & White Intensive Whitening Lotion (Php 182) - I am about to try this one 'coz I am using their Ultima line. This is a new product and just arrived at Watsons shelves. Promises to whiten in 5 days but I'm doubting it. Haha. But, yeah, I still bought it.
~Medi Guard Mint Waxed Floss (Php 50)
~Mediplast Transparent Plastic Strips (Php 22 for 12 strips)

We're hungry after shopping..we usually are :) We got some snacks at Breadtalk.

We tried to stir away from our usual order Floss. My order was the one in Banana leaf. It's called Pork Satay, I think it's a Thai cuisine actually, not sure though but it tasted like our Pinakbet haha. Good but not that great! Paired with Sola Iced tea, have it in Orange this time.

This is how it looks like - Breadtalk Philippines.. Hubby took this photo.
He wishes to have it inside our house :)

We got what we need, we're so full too and we went home happy! Tihee :)

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  1. i like breadtalk too.. but I just buy the Milkiway or Choco Cheeymada (w/c they phased out).


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