February 27, 2010

Food : Afternoon Date at Pizza Hut

We meet again with my friend/high-school classmate, Peter, who is about to set on seas this April. He's a young seamen, just a fresh grad from a reputable school, MAAP. He will be out of our country anytime soon and we're spending these good-ol'-friends-get-together more.

Our meeting place -- SM North Edsa Annex, as always. Of course the two boys hurriedly went to the 4th Floor where Cyberzone is located. While me..well, I'm already thinking where to eat. Hihi. That's what's good when you're having a date with your two closest guys, you'll get to choose where to eat. :) Given the limited food choices, I can't really decide. We tried Krispy Kreme since we're just catching some snacks but when we got inside the store, it's too hot. Though, the whole building is cold. Weird. After a little more steps, what we plan to eat in an unusual place turned out to be... Pizza Hut. Poof! :) We're hoping it's Bistro but it is not. Bistro menu prices are a bit higher that their ordinary Pizza Hut store but it definitely tastes better.

It's my task to decide what food to order that day so...here it is!

Crisp romaine lettuce, bacon crumble, parmesan cheese, and herbed croutons tossed in our caesar dressing. - Obviously, the greens came from their ref...err maybe the plate they used too. It's also cold. Haha.

Penne pasta with basil pesto cream sauteed with tender chicken strips. - Olive Oil + Basil = Pesto, my fave pasta sauce! This pasta belongs to Pizza Hut Pasta Perfetto line. I love how creamy and subtle the pesto flavor was. Plus, they don't scrimp on those flavorful chicken strips.

A classic combination of rich tomato herb sauce, black olives, capers and anchovies. - Also from their Pasta Perfetto line. This wasn't a hit with the boys because of the olives and capers. So it's all for me :) They kept on asking what's that salty taste. Haha, must be the anchovies or those immature buds.. Hmmm, I love capers.

When you want it all Pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, bacon, mushroom, green bell peppers, onions, black olives, fresh garlic topped with mozarella and parmesan, drizzled with olive oil. - Last dish served but first dish to be gone! Just all-in-there good pizza. I may consider this as one of their best pizza. Though it's suppose to be an Italian pizza, it lacks that sour taste. It has that sweet Filipino pizza taste, only better.

For our drinks, we just have sodas. There were only two tables they're serving that time that's why their crew were very attentive to our needs. Every dish served was followed with a fresh crack of black pepper. We're so full that we even have some for take-out. I'll miss these dates for sure.

Ground Floor, Annex Building,
SM City North EDSA, North Avenue corner EDSA
Delivery - 911-1111


  1. i love food post!! the pasta looks delish! i love italian foods. so far i'm liking the lotion sis, sa lahat ng nagamit kong lotion, ito lang ang gusto ko. hehe... yoko kasi ng sticky, non-greasy sya then madali pang ma-absorb ng skin, wala din sya masyadong scent, really like it. :))

    will follow yah. ~xoxo :))

  2. @Nehs: Good to hear that you like it. Better if you use it with the scrub, mas soft talaga ang skin. Lagi nakahawak si hubby :) I like your food posts too. Buti nga di ka tumataba eh, kahit lagi kayo nagffood trip!

  3. Thanks for sharing your blog post! Enjoyed it. Do share more. :)

  4. @Leslie: Sure, welcome to my blog.

    @K: I love it too! What's your favorite?


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