February 19, 2010

CONTEST ALERT : Yoshinoya, Why Do I Love Thee?

I first tried Yoshinoya when the restau is just starting out. It was a break and an alternative to the other Japanese restaurant famous for their unlimited rice then. But one can really notice the difference in taste of these two restaurant eventhough foods served were similar. Yoshinoya isn't just a place to go when you want food in bento boxes. Initially, you will love the place for its price and their iced tea assortments. Try their Red Iced Tea or Apple Green Iced Tea which really has slices of fruits in them. So refreshing! For meals The BF and I always had these two: Bento box of Ebi Tempura and the Beef Rice Bowl Combo. Yum-yum for the best beef. Don't forget their condiments because you'll gonna love it too! You'll also get a serving of their Miso soup. But I'm not much a fan of miso so all it goes to the BF. Hihi :) I missed our dates there.

Well, this is my entry for Mr. Bong's blog contest "I love Yoshinoya, Japan's #1 Beef Bowl." You too can join his contest just by answering how much you love Yoshinoya! You'll get to win Php 500 worth of Yoshinoya GC!

Photo Credits: Mr. Bong's blog. Hope he doesn't mind. Join now!

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