February 17, 2010

Ms. Lee Shen Gee Meet and Greet + Early Valentine's Date

Oh my, I can't believe who I just saw! While I'm lining up for the Valentine's day movie at Shang, Ms. Shen of Shen's Addiction came in to watch the movie too. Waaaah! I am speechless. I wanted to greet her but darn I'm so shy. Know why? She is so pretty! And you know she's one of my inspiration for starting this blog.

But then God heard my thoughts. After the movie, I'm waiting for The BF outside the cinema and guess what happen next? Ms. Shen is also waiting for his man and boy oh boy she is standing beside me. Woot woot! I put up all my courage and these words just blurted out... "Hi Shen!" As if we know each other for so long. Haha. Of course, she was clueless of who I am. But that's okay, I introduce her to The BF and I met his man too!

That's me and Ms. Shen. I don't know when we'll meet again. Sigh*

Around 11:30 PM, The BF and I decided to have some coffee at CBTL, Trinoma. The store is open until 1AM. We had our usuals. White Choco Mocha Dream Ice Blended for me and Hot Caramel for my man. We even tried Oreo Cheesecake Tart, which is so good. Little did I know, it is already February 14. Much of an early date this Valentine's. Spread the ♥.

Calories galore in the wee hours

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