February 15, 2010

My Everyday Beauty Routine - 02.15.10

I started blogging not because of the hype but of the appreciation of what beauty and life is. There are number of beauty blogs I look up to. Knowing their daily beauty routines feels like I'm part of their life too. So it's time I also share mine.

1. My face paraphernalia :)
  • Cleanser - Garnier Light Clarifying Foam
  • Toner - Clinique Clarifying Lotion for Dry, Combination skin
  • Moisturizer - Clinique DDML for Dry, Combination skin and Garnier Light Moisturizer with spf15 (This acts as my moisturizer and sunblock during those "lazy-me" days) :)
    For my body:
  • Soap - Kojie San Whitening Lotion, Caress Body Wash, and sometimes the good 'ol Safeguard
  • Lotion - Nivea Extra Whitening Lotion, J&J Milk Lotion, TBS Body Butter
2. Wait for 10 minutes before I apply makeup. This is a very important step. If I skip this part, my face would be itchy by mid-day...that's for sure!

3. My daily makeup just comprises of:
  • Concealer - MUFE 5-cream pallete concealer
  • Blush on - PF shimmer strips Custom blush & highlighter in Natural Glow
  • Powder - J&J (yes, I just use baby powder haha)
  • Lip tint - Blistex lip tint or any pink/coral shade my hand will land first
  • Mascara - Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara
Just the basic set.

4. My hair is rebonded so I just leave it as it is. Then I'm good to go.
1. Same with my morning face paraphernalia...sans the sunblock.
You'll notice I am using a lot of whitening products..I'm Asian right? :) Asians are obsessed in whitening their skin. I am fair-skinned but I still want to improve how it looks. The BF wants it too.. :)

Of course this routine will change, thus entitled with a date. So I promise to keep you updated. What about you? I am interested to know your beauty routine too. 'Til next time ladies! :)

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