January 25, 2011

Lush Trinoma is Giving Out Free Stuff!

Saw this poster while I was at TriNoMa and oh yeah, Lush is having a promo!

OMG! :)

I wanted to take pictures of all the amazing bath products but the SA just went crazy when she saw me taking out my camera. She's polite though but still, bummer :(

Items included on Buy One Take One:

Angel's Delight Soap
Give to the angel in your life
Php195 per 100g

What a divine treat: smells like fruity tangerine, with pretty sun, moon and star shapes and a sprinkling of iridescent glitter.

Vanilla in the Mist Soap

If you can't live without your morning vanilla latte, our new Vanilla In The Mist soap is for you. Its strong scent of roasted cocoa beans and sweet vanilla is as good at waking you up as a freshly brewed cup of java. Real vanilla pods gently exfoliate the skin and add a caramel note to the addictive fragrance. Coffee fiends will find themselves constantly washing their hands to get their fix between cups.

Noubar Soap

Inspired by nougat, this soap is as delectable as it looks. We've added smoky vetivert oil and Turkish rose absolute to keep you sweet every time you wash. Chopped peanuts, walnuts and almonds add texture and exfoliate the skin. You'd be nuts to miss out on Noubar.

Summer Pudding Soap

It's a creamy soap that scents your body with Simon's fruity 'Berried Treasure' fragrance of buchu and citrus. We make it with scrubby ground almonds, softening almond oil, and cleansing lemon oil. You'll find it difficult to resist a slice of pudding.

While Buy Two Take One are:

Iced Wine Shower Jelly
Php 295

Inspired by frost-bitten grapes, we added real Canadian Ice Wine,and the sweet notes of grapefruit and bergamot oils. Seaweed infusion and glyercin soften the skin.

Glogg Shower Gel
From Php375 for 100g

Glögg, pronounced glug, is a sweet, high-octane, mulled wine, made with all three. It's is the perfect winter drink, warming the body from the inside out—and this is the perfect shower gel, spiked with spice oils for a tingly (but non-alcohol) "buzz." Sizes: 100ml

Text and Image Source: Lush PH and Lush USA

I admit I was a little bit disappointed with the selections. I expected it to be like in US or UK where all their Holiday stuff as well as Lush items near expiration date are on sale. Nonetheless, I took advantage and bought Vanilla in the Mist soap, PhP 305, to try which smells exactly like vanilla latte to me. I was tempted to buy more but I'm still finishing my Rockstar soap at the moment.

So Lush fanatics, hurry now to their Trinoma branch as this promo will end until supplies last only! Or yet call them at 915.3016.

Let me know if you got something from this sale!

Smiles and hugs,


  1. wow!
    it's been a while since i dropped by trinoma that i didn't know there's even a branch there already. i guess it's time i give it a visit...though sometimes i feel nauseous when i go there because of the strong overpowering scent from each soaps..

  2. thanks for sharing dear :) I always like passing by Lush coz of the smell even if your like 20 steps away from the entrance haha :)) followed your blog btw ;)

    <3 hazel

  3. I've been to the Lush store last year and it was so small. :P I think my favorite will forever be the Honey I Washed the Kids soap. :)

  4. Hi! I wish I lived near Trinoma now so I could get Lush freebies haha.

    Thanks for following my blog. :) I really appreciate it.

  5. Wahh I can smell Lush!


  6. awesome! free stuff are always nice :)

  7. @thiamere: I think it's been there for a long time already. Yeah, the scent of the soaps esp Karma is overpowering.

    @Hazel: Thanks! Hope you could buy one for yourself too.

    @Pammy: Same here, that and Rockstar are my faves!

  8. @sugar sugar: Welcome, I know there are branches in Makati and MOA if you're from the South!

    @mav: Visit now and indulge your senses! :)

    @Hannah: I agree! Especially with Lush since they are expensive.

  9. hehe that's cool! i've never tried anything from Lush though.. i wonder if this applies to ppl in the US as well..

  10. @siwing: For US, there's a 50% off going on for Christmas items. Visit their site now and you'll be drive to buy their cute stuff!

  11. the scents are so yummy!
    i'm your new follower, i hope you could check out my blog too. ;)

    _sugarnspice_ of GT


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