January 10, 2011

Bath and Body Works at Landmark + More

Good news for us who were looking for Bath and Body Works PocketBacs in Manila!

Landmark, Trinoma had been carrying original B&BW products (I believe) for a long time now. They got body mist, lotion, adorable pocketbacs and even holders! Signature collection is always available. But one thing that caught my eye last Saturday... they added the PocketBacs in Reindeer and Cupcake Collection!

Reindeer PocketBacs - Mint-based
Aren't they cute?
[Source: Trusty BFF Google]

And I really mean a lot 'cause I asked the SA and she said yes. Yay! This would be perfect for those who don't want to buy online and just can't wait to get their hands on it.

As much as I wanted to hoard, I already placed an order from a seller in GT and waiting. But of course, I couldn't control it as the PocketBacs are calling my name haha so I got one. Just one : p Retails at PhP 99.75 each.

Cupcake PocketBacs - Vanilla-based

[Source: Trusty BFF Google]

Meanwhile,  if you like Kamiseta, they are on sale for like 50% off on almost all items. Isn't that great? I got myself 3 items which I'll save for my next post. Just a suggestion... go there early as most items were just everrrrywhere by late noon. :)

And oh, MAC and Clinique counter in Trinoma is still there. They're only waiting for a vacant boutique inside so they can move in permanently. Located in front of Gift Gate and closer if you are coming from Mindanao Avenue entrance.

It's Monday today so let's keep our energies up the whole week!

'Til then ladies!


  1. The reindeers are so cute!


  2. Mav: Super cute talaga, but lahat naman eh. Haha, have you bought one already?

  3. Awww these are so cute <3

    I prefer the falsies volum express over the Colossal. Think it is much better :)

  4. @Christine: Thanks. Well, I wish we already have the Falsies here to try!

  5. You can also buy bath & body works products online http://bathandbodyworks4u.blogspot.com/ i buy from this seller and i find their items to be inexpensive, mas mura definitely than landmark or any mall :)

  6. I was looking for BBW in Landmark, Trinoma last wed pero wala akong makita. Where siya banda?


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