January 21, 2011

Haul: Kamiseta, Aldo, B&BW and More

Mind you, I am a busy bee as ever! I am longing for some "me-time" for a while now. I guess it's also the right time to visit a mall since year-end inventory sales are going on. Pretty good finds are still there among the piles of clothes scattered all over. So last weekend, I pushed my tired soul to the mall and cheered myself up a bit. And that means... retail therapy!

First stop, Kamiseta! I know they are having this crazy sale but I had to warn myself not to be over-excited. Sales could mean not all sizes are available. Though lucky me, I chanced upon 8 tops to boot. If only my wallet would permit, I'll definitely bagged them all. :) But, oh well, I had to choose my top three.

Aren't they lovely? I'm actually spying both whites when they were still on regular price. And now, they are slashed to half the price. I saved up to PhP 1650. Who's to complain? Haha. The buttoned white blouse can be played to a more serious look while the brown stripes and strappy top are best for laid-back moments.

I'm also looking for another white flats so next stop Aldo! This caught my eye instantly.

I already used it once and it didn't leave my feet feeling sore. A little bit pricey but I'm sure it's the kind that will last!

And of course, never go home without any beauty supply!

Been lemming for Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On (PhP 199) and finally decided to get one. I'll try it for my horridous eyebags for a month and let you know my take on it.

I'm disappointed with my TFS nail polish, RD301, because it is a little pinkish more like a red fuchsia. So I bought another red. A local nail polish, Bobbie in Exactly Red (PhP 27.75), which is my first nail color from them. Probably painting my nails with it today.

And lastly, I gave in to B&BW PocketBacs I mentioned here. It's Lemon Glaze (PhP 99.75), part of Cupcake Collection, and has glitters on it. Scent is a mix of lemon and strong vanilla.

That's it! I might be a little broke but I'm now recharged (err, excuses). How about you, what are your recent purchases? I love spending time at a mall especially when it's bargain time. But don't take me as a mallrat okay!

'Til then,

PS. Please help me pray for my lola for her fast recovery. That would mean a lot to me. Thanks!


  1. I love the sandals and the strappy top's design. looks like you're ready for spring and summer :)

  2. Hello beautiful! You're my awardee for the Versatile Blogger. Its on my blog http://mymisbehavedworld.blogspot.com/2011/01/versatile-blogger-award.html :)

    lovin the Aldo shoes!

  3. @kayni: Haha, I don't like summer actually 'coz it's freaking hot here. But I'm still excited.

    @mav: Alright, will check it out. Thanks dear!


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