February 8, 2011

GET LOUD by Tommy Hilfiger

Most people might find me soft-spoken at first. But my close friends and family will always know me as a cheery person! Yeah, I AM LOUD and it's Ms. Sunshine right here :) I always got that big smile and loud laughter to share with the whole world. Makes me pretty inside and out, even without makeup on.

Having a cheery attitude is the cheapest and best accessory you can have. I tell you, it's loud and contagious! Just like the new scent and sound from Tommy Hilfiger.

So come join, share that big smile of yours :D and GET LOUD!

Visit Tommy Hilfiger Philippines Facebook here.


  1. great post! i'm having my first blog giveaway, lots of Stila Cosmetics to be won, maybe you'd like to enter? it's open to all readers. Thanks! Good Luck! =)

  2. how does this smell?hmmm...
    till when is the contest dear?

  3. Cute Blog! Check out mine if you get a chance :)


  4. Hi Justine! great blog...found you through a fellow blogger Ashley Borysewich. You are so right a great smile and laugh are best of the best we have! keep up the great work...check out my site too if you can...! Big Smile!!!
    XO Carrie



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