October 6, 2010

Pantene Mystery Shampoo Sample Pack

Just a quick post....

So I received this from the mail yesterday. Wasn't a mystery anymore since it came after it was revealed. I guess two months ago. I love the smell of this, it really stays the whole day. And I got their Hair Fall line, which is my favorite! Anyway, I find Sunsilk's promo before was packaged better. Notice Pantene is just wrap in a plastic... well compared to this. Not a big deal though. Thanks Pantene!

Am I the only one who got this late? Let me know if you got yours too ;)

And oh I would like to greet our second mothers out there a Happy World Teacher's Day! Yesterday my li'l sister's school had a treat for their teachers. I'm so proud of her because she dance not just one but on three presentations! Her third was the great finale doing a ballroom dance. But their Baby (aaargh.. Justin Bieber) number was grade schoolers fave! Haha. Our teachers deserves to be treated! You're working hard for us to learn not just skills but true values. Thank you very much!

'Til then... have a good day!


  1. Also got mine last week, same hair fall shampoo, I think it's the packaging that's new since they already have the hair fall before.

  2. I haven't got mine up to now! But they sent an email saying they will send it over! will see... :) Will keep everyone update once it arrives...

  3. buti ka pa sis, haven't receive mine... sana dumating na din.. excited na ko :)

  4. Kitten: Yeah, they changed the packaging. Did you like the new formula?

    Ems: Hope you'll get it soon. Let me know. :)

    Levy: Just wait. :) Super bango sa hair. You'll love it.

    rhaindropz: I once registered to their site around June or July, before they revealed the mystery shampoo. Not sure if there is still a promo.


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