October 18, 2010

Another Watsons Haul

I went to Watsons yesterday to refill my stash. Nothing much to purchase because I still have new things to try at home.

1. Marionnaud N 35 Eyeshadow Brush PhP 69.75
Made of synthetic fibers - angled to contour, accent and shape. It's also soft like the Marionnaud Blusher Brush. I haven't used it yet so I can't comment if it's that good. I heard good feedbacks nonetheless.

2. L'oreal Paris TR5 Deep Repairing Mask 15 mL PhP 19
1 Minute Mask - Deep repairing for strong and healthy hair. You know how much I love L'oreal TR5 (review here) but I don't have their mask yet. I bought just sachet to try and the price quite surprised me. Cheapo!

3. L'oreal Paris TR5 Shampoo 80 mL PhP 54
I'm running low on my fave shampoo and this is the only one left from this variant so I need to get it! This is their smallest size which is perfect for travelers and those who are on budget.

Btw, sachets for shampoo and conditioner will be available soon at PhP 4.50!

4. Nichido Multiple Stick in South Beach PhP 94
I got it at 50% off. Creamy peachy-pink with gold shimmer blush. Goes well with my skin tone but doesn't stay long. For its price, I guess it's worth it.

5. Fashion 21 Eyeliner in Black PhP 85
I'm planning to use this for making the eyes look chinita. Not for me but for my sister who will be Ms. Korea on her school's UN week. Is this a good one? Or do you have other recommendations? The other end is a smudge tool.

Further reviews on each soon. Happy Monday everyone. Let us all have that positive energy!


  1. nice loot :). i have to cut my spending a bit; i have to save some money for Christmas presents...lol.

  2. I want to try that l'oreal hair care range...I have some samples but I haven't used them yet

  3. @kayni: Thanks! You're right, good thing you warned me! :)

    @Becky: Go ahead try it! Love the smell and the softness it gives to my hair.

  4. i want to buy marionnaud eyeshadow brush but I dont think it's soft :(

  5. my natural hair is beautiful. but after exposure to hair treatments like hair coloring and rebonding. since then, my hair becomes stiff and dry, i depended much on hair spa and cellophane to make it beautiful like before. after using loreal's 5-in-1 set, my hair's natural glow and moisture is back. all thanks to loreal. im also using loreal for my face:))


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