October 23, 2010

Krispy Skremes - Spooky Treats from Krispy Kreme

I asked Mr. J to buy Original Glazed for me but look what he got for me too... Krispy Skremes! It's this year's Halloween treat from Krispy Kreme. ;)

The SpiderWeb
The Crazy Pumpkin
The Skull with strawberry filling inside (my favorite)
The Halloween Sprinkles

It's the same as last year, just The Alien won't be part of it. Awww :( Each doughnut is worth PhP 42 and if you get it by the dozen it will cost you PhP 365. But since we have another dozen of Original Glazed our bill went to PhP 590. Yeah, we're KK addict!

Halloween isn't scary if it got to be this. Best to go with coffee then maybe watch a real scary flick.This limited offer is until October 31, 2010 only so grab some for you and the whole family!

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