October 1, 2010

L'oreal Total Repair 5 Night Essence Review

Hi everyone! I AM BACK! I miss blogging and I got a bunch of products to review so wish me luck. Let me start with hair care. If there's one thing I am really obsessed about, you guess... it's hair care products. I love it more than skin care, makeup and even with bags or shoes. Most of my money are spent on it. Me bad ;) But I guess for a gal like me who is not born with soft and straight locks I must really take care of my hair to make it more, err presentable. Thank goodness that my hair is taken care by L'oreal for a year now and I'm very loyal.

Total Repair 5 is L'oreal's Elseve newest line though I think they already had it before. Same key ingredient, just renamed and repackaged. I got its whole line except for deep treatment (I still have my L'oreal Re-Nutrition mask). I find this funny because I'll first talk about the night essence before the shampoo and conditioner. Will do a post on it too, tihee! Enough with the blah blah...

Total Repair 5: 5 Problems, 1 Solution

L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5 combats the 5 signs of damaged hair:
Breakable, Dry, Dull, Coarse, Hair Split-Ends

The 1st total reparation of the 5 signs of damaged hair with Cement-Ceramide, L'oreal's exclusive active ingredient, that works similarly to natural hair cement, Ceramide. It keeps hair strong and healthy by filling in cracks for strengthened and resilient hair and sealing hair scales for replenished moisture and ultra-smooth and ultra-shiny hair surface. Split-ends are prevented.

Proven Results: Day after day, combat the 5 signs of damaged hair with 1 solution to become 1. Stronger 2. Nourished 3. Shinier 4. Smoother 5. Less Split Ends. Feel your hair repaired without heaviness overnight from the 5 signs of hair damage the next morning!

I didn't get the change I want the first morning but the no heaviness feel is true. It doesn't even leave any residue on my pillow. After a month of using it, my hair feels softer and manageable. It behaves properly! Though it still lacks on some shine and a little more help with the split-ends.

One pump is enough for my long hair

Retails at PhP 355 for a 150 ml bottle, it will definitely last with me for a long time making it a good investment. You're supposed to apply 1-2 pumps while you sleep. I use it mostly on daytime to towel-dried hair. It makes my hair styling easier. The smell is nice, very feminine. Non-greasy and has a creamy consistency that melts easily when rubbed between palms.

You see the pump has a big opening which may be a con to others. I'm cool with it. Just gives enough with every pump to coat my long hair. One thing I am afraid is product build-up. So what I do is use it twice a week then rest my hair. If not, my hair will weigh down easily. Who likes that, right?

All in all, the product is great. I'll definitely add it to my faves from L'oreal. What's best is the change is noticeable. Mom and J compliments my hair always. So it gets my 100% approval!

Available at Watsons, Landmark and other leading supermarkets and drugstores.


  1. glad to see you're back :)

    my hair is oily and fine, so this won't work for me. although i haven't seen this one in stores here yet. funny, but i found cream silk in one of the stores here and i'm giving it a try.

    hope all is well.

  2. I have to try this!
    Thank you for commenting on my blog (^_^)



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