August 16, 2010

FOOD: Pancake House

Pancake House isn't new to our palate. We had it for a week when we had a medical event in Medical City, Ortigas. It was the nearest restaurant to our event venue thus we rented it as our HQ. We were hooked by then!

Last Saturday we suddenly missed it and decided to dine in there. But now we're in their Trinoma branch. We got there dinner time around 630 PM and it was full of family and couples dating. Good thing there's still a table left for us and we hurriedly sat down.

We already knew what to order as I can still remember their whole food choices but as they gave us their menu we were also handed with the Yogurt menu in which they called their version of fro-yo as Gurts and their Kids menu. Good thing I brought my li'l sister with us because they are introducing their newest offering for the kids. They even got balloons with "Welcome home, Kids" sign. Plus kids even got a surprise gift, a puppet made out of paper from Papemelroti. Really nice of them.

Here we are while waiting for our orders. What better way to do while waiting? Camwhoring :) I am sharing some of it. My sis was also offered an activity sheet and a new box of crayons to play around.

Me with my sis

Mylalabs :)
Notice our cheeks? We really are getting bigger with all these pig-outs.

Their kitchen and staff

On Our Table

Pork Vienna PhP 208
Breaded lean pork, finely sliced, served with rice and coleslaw

My man's order. Three slices of pork, still in big servings. One cup of rice is not enough. The coleslaw is just ordinary.

Special Salisbury Steak PhP 208
Premium 1/3 lb salisbury steak topped with that creamy mushroom gravy and bacon bits

This is my order and I'm going to tell you to pass this one. It was so damn salty!! Ang ALAT sobra! I didn't finish it my taste buds just gave up. Though it is juicy but you won't really get even to half of it. It's a House Specialty, btw. But I can't seem to find the special part. I know I should just ordered my fave, Adobo Sulipan.

Mini Corn Dog PhP 105
Hotdogs coated in batter served with french fries and Western dressing

It's for my sis and it's part of their new Kid's menu. Three Tender Juicy regular hotdogs in half. That's it. Okay this is not healthy but kids are really attracted to hotdog. I can't stop her ordering it. Fries and dressing is commendable.

Bottomless Iced Tea PhP 63

Mocha Milk Shake PhP 134
A classic family favorite blend of mocha and chocolate, rich and indulgent

Nothing extra ordinary. Tasted like Milo with the milk shake thickness. Better if they served it a little bit colder.

Their staff are really attentive when called and specially when refilling our iced tea. But you need to follow-up what you said more than once! Other requests like table napkin or glass of ice took so long. The corn dogs are the last to be served after the kid waited for more than 30 minutes. To think it was just a hotdog right. I guess Medical City's branch is a whole lot better and cleaner. Nonetheless, it filled our tummies that night!

An 8% service charge was already included on our bill. They also offer delivery and in-store reservation.

Pancake House
Trinoma Mall, Level 1,
EDSA corner North Ave Quezon City
901-3113, 901-3100


  1. love their pancakes (blueberry or choco chip) and the homestyle bangus :) the adobo sulipan is also yummy.

  2. wow pancake house. i miss eating their spaghetti :)

    seeing your photos made me realize how much they have changed. sayang naman ang salisbury steak. i looked yummy in your photo.

  3. Great pics!


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