May 5, 2010

Supermarket Finds

Shopping time is girl's "Me Time," do you agree? Even when I'm just lining up in the supermarket aisle, I still feel giddy-goody. :) Here are some of my supermarket finds recently. *Photo loaded*

  • Oishi Marty's Baconnette Strips

Potato that is deep-fried and made to look and taste like bacon! I think this is a follow-up of their oh so famous Marty's Cracklin' wherein they used peas to look like real chicharon. Hence, making it cholesterol-free. For me, their Chicharon is still the best. I find Baconnette Strips nothing but a bag of potato chips in bacon flavor. But my family likes it. Weird me :)

  • Oishi Gourmet Picks Potato Chips Kimchi Flavor

I can compare this to Lays from the packaging size to the quality of chips but on a lesser price (half the price of Lays to be exact). This is a hit for me because it's a bit spicy, slightly sweet and tangy. They really got the smell and taste of Kimchi!

  • Lucky Me! Jjamppong Noodles in Pouch
Again, another spicy food. Jjamppong is a Korean noodle with seafood and vegetable soup. Lucky Me!'s version is obviously not authentic and artificial color laden but this is perfect for times when you just want to warm your tummy instantly.

Notice how many very-dehydated vegetables and seafood they include in the pouch? Men, what can you expect in our country? Sheeesh! ;)

  • Quaker Oats Oatmeal Cookie Apple Cinnamon and Honey Nuts

I've tasted these cookies from Quaker before it hit our country and I like their Apple Cinnamon. It has another variant which has Raisins but I never loved raisin, ever. Quaker Granola is good too but I haven't find it yet in our supermarket shelves. A very healthy alternative for breakfast or afternoon snack.

  • Oreo Original and Strawberry Creme
Who doesn't like Oreo? Their Double Stuff is the one I really like but it's always OOS.

You see more food manufacturers are going to the healthier food trend but just a reminder, though they're claiming they use vegetables on your chips you can't hide its very high salt content. Better share it with your family and have that instant bonding time! :)


  1. ang sasarap naman nyan. miss ko na talaga ang pinas.

    fave ko yang bacon strips :)

  2. Oh I'm a big time Oreo fan, but I haven't seen the strawberry cream here. Give me Oreo cookies and a glass of milk and I'm good.

  3. the baconette strips look yummy ah!

    must agree, I also like Lucky Me Jjampong.. Tried the Quaker Oats Honey Nuts cookies the other day, it's okay rin pala. Cheap treat.. but i prefer Nature Valley crunchy granola bars pa rin.

    As for Oreo, I like the one with choco- penaut butter filling! Haha pero cheaper alternative is Presto Creams penaut butter cookies. Yummm :D

  4. I like oreo's too.. but I'd go for the one w/ choco-peanut butter filling!

    the quaker oats cookie is good but i find it too dry. have you tried nature valley granola bars?! its so yummy!! im addicted to the peanut butter flavor.. but the cinnamon and oats & honey is nice too!


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