December 6, 2010

RockMelt - Try this Amazing New Browser!

If you are a social media junkie like me and surfing the net is your favorite pastime, it's time to change your browser to RockMelt! It's built on Chromium which we all know has one of the fastest browser, Google Chrome and allows you to share links, photos, videos and even update your Facebook and Twitter status. They aren't the first social web browser to be released though, Flock for an instance, but I found this to be much easier, faster and organized to use. I am a Mozilla Firefox user and I am now a convert!

Are you intrigued now? Read more for further details...

From RockMelt Facebook Page

RockMelt is a new browser that's re-imagining how people browse the web!
We're currently in beta testing and working hard to improve the user experience. If you'd like to try RockMelt beta, please go to connect your Facebook account at and we will send you an email invitation to download soon after!


It’s based on Chromium, so it inherits Google Chrome’s speed, looks, and basic functionality on both Mac and Windows.
And while its Facebook integration runs deep, RockMelt is not exactly a Facebook browser. It’s a social web browser, allowing you to post links, videos and status updates to both Facebook and Twitter (that’s it for now, but more services will be added later). There are also built-in clients for consuming your Facebook feed and managing multiple Twitter feeds, a chat client, and lightweight RSS reader. It does use your Facebook account to personalize the experience, but its reach is broader than just Facebook.

Again, you can only try this by invitation for now. Go to their website, and connect your Facebook account. You'll then receive an email with the download link of their software. I got mine after a week. Try now and share your great finds to your friends! :)

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