November 5, 2010

Christmas at Starbucks Has Begun!

Can you feel the Christmas air? 'Coz I do! And it's that time once again when many people are going crazy to chug down caffeine just to collect stamps and have their much coveted Starbucks Planner. Mr. J and I already started with ours the other day. Little did we know that they're giving one free stamp to the first few customers and we're in! So 11 stamps to go!

My Hot Toffee Nut Latte (around PhP 150)
Chocolate Toffee Nut Loaf (PhP 45)

Starbucks Planner 2011
Stained Dark Wood Panels, Maroon Velvet Fabric and Cool Clean Stainless Steel

I promised myself not be ecstatic with this year's planner as I am last year when I got my first Sbux planner hahaha. But if ever we can finish the stamp card, it will be for Mr. J and we'll get the Silver one.

You need 17 stamps, 9 for Holiday Featured Beverages and 8 for either their Core Beverage or VIA Ready Brew! Promo is from November 3, 2010 to January 5, 2011. So if you haven't got the chance to enjoy these Christmas drinks, visit any Starbucks branch and get your stamp card too. My favorite is Hot Toffee Nut Latte which is the perfect blend for me of Hazelnut and Vanilla with sprinkle of Toffee bits over whipped cream! Good for these breezy nights that's feels Oh-so-Christmas! :)


  1. I'm sure Starbucks will still be a hit by the time we have our grand children already...

    hhhmmm....I wonder how things will be then..teehee..

  2. Good luck on your coffee journey

  3. Starbucks here doesn't have that kind of promo. The planners look cute though. I like the black one.

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  5. Yay!! :D love toffee nut frappe and toffee nut loaf. I wanna try the new cakes too.


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