June 24, 2010

Purchase for the Month of June

Stuff I bought this month.

Newest offering from L'oreal Elseve, Total Repair targets five signs of bad hair. I used to love the Royal Jelly one but with just one use of this I'm a convert. Smell is not overpowering and very light to my hair. Opposed to the Royal Jelly that weighs down my hair very much.

I also bought the whole line of Belo Essentials Whitening. Just retrying it. I have tried this back when it was first introduced to the market and it worked for me. I'll update you guys on this.

Local nail polishes like Caress and Caronia, TFS Top Coat and TFS Nail Lacquer Remover in Strawberry scent.

And of course my monthly dose of good reads...

Cosmopolitan for me and HWM for the BF. I also bought my li'l sis a story book that teaches great values. I'll grab more of those when I come back to my fave bookstore, Bestsellers.

One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell. I think she also wrote Sex and the City. It's about people with different personalities living in New York specifically on One Fifth Avenue. I'm not yet done with the book but I can tell this is the most daring book I have so far. Sensitive words are there. You know what I mean. :)

All beauty stuff are from Watsons and the book and magazines are from Bestsellers. Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. nice loot...i didn't know belo has products out in the market. is this the dr. belo that's been talked about by Filipino celebs?

  2. ACK! Bakit walang OK! magazine sa reading list mo??? =)


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